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Many years ago I was part of the first group that originally investigated what later became the Australian Motorists Enthusiast party. Essentially I was putting my self up in a separate group of car clubs and ended up doing all the research and going through the government requirements. During this time I learned how worthless the Austrlaian government is and how useless its system is. I abandoned the whole project, but the idea lived on and several years later was picked up by other people and in the end some QLD guys decided to invest the time and effort.

Every one in the cities must move into the country and meet up with other people like me. Build new communities that have no government influence and no immediate infrastructure that appeals to the apathetic.

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Now I know why the Gold Coast opening/closing ceremonies had that demoralising vibe. Think about it: biggest Aussie sporting event in 10 years and the word "Australia" (let alone the flag, anthem, or victorious athletes) doesn't even get mentioned once during the closing ceremony? Patriotic songs (My Island home in a cosmic sea??) had their lyrics altered to undermine the uniqueness we ought to have been promoting to the world??

Those ceremonies felt just like living under foreign occupation!

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So...labor and liberals are 'owned' somewhere down the line by europeans, not losing sleep over that

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Euro trash have been fucking up Australia for quite some time. We need to destroy dual citizenship and we require the law concerning international organisational interference with Australian political parties to be much more strict.

The only way forward for us is to stop all immigration, both legal and illegal. We also need to begin deporting as many dual nationals for even the smallest infraction.

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White europeans created all the best shit throughout history and have kind of run out of challenges. All white aussies came from somewhere in europe

I would much rather have Sven from sweden and Nikolia the pollack than suksukmah from sudan and raj from india

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Didn't some fag politician get fired for taking Chinese bribes earlier in the year? Can't remember which party he was, they're both pretty pozzed now, but it was just after your gay marriage referendum screw up.

It's not just the Euros who own these fuckers.

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If i remember correctly half a dozen MPs were fired for being foreigners. They were from both the major parties. Not surprising given how little our government cares about Australia.

This wasn't supposed to be an anti-euro thread, just a nationalist thread. I think the worst people on this list are the progressives and the greens federation but for some reason euros are upset and think they have a right to abuse Australia because we owe them something? or something? Just like american whites owe niggers reparations, Australians owe britbongs a country to run away to because of inherited sin.