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R18 is just MA15+. There was never a true R18+


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Totally agree. The offensive thing is that they've banned more games since getting the R18+ rating than they ever did before. Makes me shake my fist angrily at the sky I tells ya!


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Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't that just mean that people will buy the games digitally from overseas? So the only real impact of "banning" games is to drive profit away from local retailers?

Pointless. Slap an R18+ rating on it, stick it in a plain packet, and require ID/proof of age to purchase.


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Maybe one day we'll have a government that recognises freedom of speech and artistic expression as rights and then things would be nice. A man can dream.


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Fortunately most of the titles they have banned are just crappy ones that nobody would buy anyway. The fact that we can buy a game like GTA V in Australia disproves that all games with violence and drug use do not get approved for sale. The 200 figure is not that big when you consider games is a broad term that covers consoles, PC and mobile games as well. Who has even heard of Douchebag Beach Club let alone played it before hearing this news? Case in point.