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In other words you abused your mod privlages to silence those being witch hunted in your sub ;)

Are you going to keep making claims without any evidence?

You stopped deleting the moment I started pointing out that you had silenced the debate.

I didn't even see this comment thread until someone linked it to me. Also, I don't see how this makes any sense... Usually, when someone deletes something to hide it, they are afraid of something. How can I be afraid of someone who cannot incite the same bullshit on my sub? And from someone who is now known to be a cause to ridiculous controversy?

If you want to start attacking me, like you did @she, get it over already. Unlike some of the derps of /v/AskVoat, /v/SeriousDiscussion is made up of critically-thinking fact-checkers that I doubt will believe anything you say. They also don't care for pointless drama. :-)

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