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This is a website that tracks everyone killed by police. You can filter by race, and filter by whether or not they were armed, and look at the circumstances of each case by itself:

If you want the tl;dr, "always seems to be a situation where the person being arrested is fighting with the police" is false; "may be a bigger culprit in being killed by an officer than racism" is true, but not to the extent that most people would expect of properly trained police officers.


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I agree with you on the fact that it is not really because of racism. I disagree with the premise of police killings though.

Many many police killings are completely unnecessary which is caused by:

A. Poor training

B. Bad officers are not fired

C. Criminal officers are rarely convicted

D. Good police officers are shamed and shunned for reporting misconduct

E. Police unions


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Exactly. I'm sure it might happen but from what I can tell more of these instances are just excessive police force if anything.


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There are a lot of stories out now where cops are actually behaving poorly, if not downright illegally.

With the police force increasingly losing trust with the public, how should we react?

I'm white, southern and middle class, I do not fully trust the police. I question quite a few actions the police take as a matter of policy.

At what point, and more importantly, HOW do we (the law-abiding citizens) say "Enough! We aren't presumed criminals"?


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Is this the same one that was goodified after slashing tires? The one on video?