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Thank you for taking the time to write this up. I understand that my poll is not academic and the wording is subjective to how one views the term 'SJW.' Yes, I am using 'SJW' as a pejorative, and I would argue that the greater VOAT community has adopted it as such. My poll is simply to collect a snap-shot of the community feelings based on the recent posts that have been on the front page regarding /u/she. I do not have a dog in the race regarding /u/she. My interaction with this user has been brief and friendly. So again, don't take this poll as anything other then to see a visual snap-shot of the community today. I have no power over moderators for VOAT, I'm just a guy.

Personally, I defend all free speech whether or not I agree with it. Unfortunately, the SJW crowd (using the pejorative again) has been shown to stifle speech to fit their narrative.