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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.

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safe space hah the irony


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I'm very sick of this whole "safe space" bullshit. If you want a safe space, just stay at home and watch Netflix. I'm sure they have an SJW approved viewing list with a full set of trigger words.

You know, the world isn't supposed to be a safe space. Birds eat mice, people eat deer, people kill people, and there is a clear distinction between actual PTSD and some "trigger" bullshit. Destruction is necessary for creation and if you let your ego run wild and refuse to have it challenged then you will never grow as a person. Wing Chun experts practice kicks daily in order to create microfractures in their legs. These microfractures heal and produce a tougher bone. This is an example of why challenging yourself is necessary to become stronger. If they want to submit and hide in a "safe spaces" echo chamber then be my guest but that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to deal with it. I wish these idiots would stop trying to control other peoples lives, the fascists.


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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.


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I came here to escape this exact stuff on Reddit, and it's still happening here. I doubt it.

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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.


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Come to /v/AskVoat2 !!


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But yes this @she is up to no good if you ask me.

I agree but what is the best solution? Most of the community here are here because they hated the direction Reddit is going. Perhaps the same user base can make decisions collectively as to who can and cannot be moderators of popular subverses.


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Why not ask the owner for the nasty decision?


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Holy shit, this she person is like Reddit incarnate. Why the hell is she even here? Why isn't she on Reddit? Why is she feeling the need to ruin this place as well?

I dont understand.


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Some people feel the need to impose their rule set on others. In this case, I honestly think it's a major troll effort or a power hungry twit.


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This is the kind of cancer we must NOT have modding large subs.