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That's the mentality we left Reddit for. If it isn't illegal then it should be allowed. If you want a safe space go back to Reddit. Or create your own clone and censor it how you see fit.


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Free speech does not submit to your scruples. The content, while questionable to some, if not most, is not illegal, and therefore Voat are under no obligation to remove or censure the content.

If it were child porn on the other hand, then we would be having a different discussion, as that is illegal. However, pictures of young ladies, scantily clad, though some of them maybe, is not.


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It says that your morals do not determine the morality of the whole. Should they ban everything everyone hates and only have a few subverse that we can all agree upon?


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So you don't like it, so no one should like it?

Hey look everyone, its the morality King. We must obey. Man I hate when people think they are the gauge for society.


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most of these girls look 18+ imo a lot these images are on the really creepy side though...


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Creepy does not mean "let's ban it" though. I am here because Reddit went down the path of banning things someone might find offensive. I am actually upset /v/jailbait was banned.


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The true colors are starting to show.


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Voat even had /v/jailbait. While illegal in most countries, certain ages that are not legal here, are legal elsewhere. I just created a list of subscriptions I enjoyed and avoided most NSFW subs with a 1000 foot pole.

Atko actually decided on taking it down to avoid legal issues. I'm not complaining that it's gone but I think that if it's legal for someone else on a site not based where I live, then it should have been fair game.

Different strokes for different genitals. Don't be ethnocentric and govern other people because of your own beliefs or local laws


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Unfortunately there is a large group of men in uniform with guns that will force the law of where voat.co is registered on the rest of the world that uses voat.


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Absolutely and while you may end up on a list for subbing and contributing to questionable subs, that's up to each users discretion and shouldn't be governed by anyone. Maybe by lawyers and law enforcement if something illegal happens but definitely not by other users.


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Maybe some 14 year old boys like looking at girls.

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Lol, so full of shit. Please lose your mod.