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This is a question. A shill is a person who is payed to advertise on social media @she. How is that not a question if I bluntly asked voat @freespeechrocks is a shill??? How is that not a question? i see the connection now. @Ganeshaha for posting this about @she for being a SJW. I find it ironic that you would "remove" my question for not being a question. Clearly @atko did not create voat to limit free speech - as I said in this post before, this is just an observation, and I want to know what Voat thinks.


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Is /u/freespeachrocks a shill for propaganda? 600+ news submissions in a month. That's all.

Uh, I do see a question mark there.

And as far as I know, the posting guidelines suggest submitting question with answers that can be expanded for discussion purposes, but it's not mandatory.

Everyone can make a mistake, and some users are questioning this removal.