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I like how you generalize people who disagree with you, calling them butt hurt. You said something stupid, so people downvoted you, get over it you whiny entitled fuck.


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Whiny men and women in general.

Shut the Fuck Up, Sit the Fuck Down, and Fucking Build Something.

I don't care about your feelings. I don't care about your perception of reality. I don't care how you think you've been discriminated against. I don't care what style of gonads are between your legs. Fucking show me what you created, show me what you built, what the fuck are you actually worth.

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The anti-feminist movement is hardly making national headlines or being addressed by Obama. Most people would have no idea it is even a thing.



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Most people... that weren't already SJW, and so actually having to experience such a tiny, focused group.

Edit: To clarify for the mentally retarded (i.e. SJW)

Nobody anywhere would know about an anti-SJW movement unless they were anti-SJW themselves (not the case here) or a SJW.