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Took my wife's sister's virginity, then had my wife lick her sister's hymen-blood off my cock.

edit: Since ALL the responses you're getting seem to be sister related, I figured I'd list off a few other skeezy things I've done.

  1. Made a girl jack off my dog onto her tits because she owed me (quite a bit of) money. She cried. It was great.

  2. Hired a transsexual to help me DP my wife.

  3. Fucked a midget in the ass until she cried and pissed herself.

  4. Dosed a party of 40+ people with MDMA (it's 100% alcohol soluble) just to watch everyone devolve into an orgy. I did not join in personally.

  5. Had my boyfriend seduce my room-mate because she didn't want to break up with her loser of an SO. She moved out shortly after that night because she found out he wasn't going to be her boyfriend also.

  6. Dated a girl in high-school, took her virginity, continued dating her for almost a year. Never met her family. Found out that one of my college professors was her mother. Fucked her mother (in all holes and made her squirt), then hooked up with her again the night after. She said "Your cologne smells soooo familiar!".

  7. Paid a prostitute to let me bareback fuck her in the ass while she ate my wife's pussy, and told my wife (before-hand) to piss in the prostitute's mouth while I did so. She (the whore) choked and vomited as I sprayed cum in her.

  8. Had a 4-some with another married couple and convinced the other guy that he enjoyed being cucked.

  9. Filmed a real voyeur porn. My room-mate at the time wanted a video of him banging his insanely hot asian GF and I obliged.

  10. Had an immigrant from Armenia deported just so I could fuck his wife. It was worth it.

  11. Paid a stripper to come to my house and lounge in my jacuzzi while cuddling with me, then fake cry and try to "scrub the shame off". I paid her extra afterward because she did a really good job.

  12. Jacked off into the coffee creamer at an office I worked in where I was the only male employee. (they were all horrid bitches)

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Beautiful girl, but socially stunted beyond belief due to an abusive mother in early childhood and adolescence. She started living with us when she was 17 to avoid the situation with her home-life, and continued living with us until she was 20. She is now a RN at the local hospital and dating an exceptionally personable doctor.



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Is she a cabbage or a broccoli?


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Hmm... I'd have to go with banging a pair of sisters, albeit not simultaneously.


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albeit not simultaneously.

Where is the fun in that?


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I had a threesome with two sisters on New Years Eve. It wasn't weird because they weren't fucking each other but they were both fucking me together.