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I joined voat because it's a new frontier. A chance to build again. It doesn't hurt that over the past few months reddit's mods and admins have shown some shady behavior (and let's not forget about its CEO).


[–] JJEvil 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I feel the same way about the new frontier. I just got my 6 year badge over on reddit. I had a previous account and mostly lurked over there for two years before that. I remember what the site was like 8 years ago when the community was still relatively small, and focused on content rather than control and self promotion and getting bigger. One thing I hate is the litany of rules that have had to be put in place in each individual sub. I understand it, but I hate it. I've had things I wanted to post get removed not because they weren't quality posts, but because the mods were so pedantic to the rules that they couldn't use their own judgement as to whether a post should stay up.

It's now so large that auto moderators are in use and armies of spambots are trying to get past them. With all the trolls and shills and bad faith users hungry to abuse such a popular and powerful system and mods becoming gatekeepers to information, the whole thing is turning to shit.

Anyway, I'm here because this site reminds me of what reddit was 8 years ago. It doesn't have to become today's reddit 8 years from now.

Shameless plug for

I could use some more subscribers if you're into that kind of thing.


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It doesn't have to become today's reddit 8 years from now

How can we do that? I feel like every internet forum / social network is bound to get lame some day, but I sure hope we can do something about it