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Can you tell me one single time when a REFUGEE committed an act of terror? The guys in Paris were all European nationals...

Seriously, why would an organization ever rely on a slow and tenous process like the refugee channel to attack, when there are people born and raised here that are willing?

They don't, that's the answer. OP has it right. You are all cowards, willing to help the IS naritive for a cheap, inhumane version of false security.

Get a spine.


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A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things

Getting a spine would be taking a stand for a good society. We have a pretty nice society in the west, I'd rather fight for that.

Islam does not propagate a good society, and don't delude yourself into thinking they do either.

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What? Have you ever heard of sleeper agents?


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You talking about the planted Syrian passport?

Care to provide a source? All mine say they are European nationals born and raised.