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You are so shamefully ignorant and short sighted. These "brothers" as you put it, want you dead. This isn't a theory, they preach it, they believe it, it's woven into their culture and their religion. They believe that they are commanded by Allah to kill the non-believer and to conquer the world through rampant reproduction by way of rape. Have you never read the Qur'an? Or even just the sections that clearly state their religious agenda? Have you not listened to their plans as have been spelled out time and time again? They are a threat to our safety and our various cultures. They seek to impose Sharia Law on us all, destroying the liberties that have made our societies great. They seek to exterminate all Jews and then all Christians. Why do you think it is that they call Israel "the little satan" and America "the big satan"? Are you unaware that this mission to exterminate the non-believers goes back for hundreds of years? It predates the existence of Israel and the US. It is literally written into their so-called "holy book".

Do you even know what liberty means? I bet you don't have the slightest idea.

The Statue of Liberty has never represented the unfettered flow of unchecked immigrants into the US. If you think immigration policy during the late 19th/early 20th centuries was like it is today you are completely wrong. Everyone who entered this country had to prove they were healthy, they had to change their names, they had to assimilate. They were all vetted. And if they didn't make the cut, they had to go back. Today people are brought in without any examination. It is a federally sponsored invasion intended to destroy the culture of this great country. This mass, unchecked immigration is designed to weaken and ultimately destroy western civilizations. You are so naive. You think you know what you are advocating, but your understanding of history and current events is pathetic. You should be quiet, and you should be studying the facts so that you can develop an actual, well-informed understanding of the situation at hand, but instead you're here unloading your irrational emotions as though they make you better than everyone who disagrees with you. Well, they don't, they make you a useful idiot, useful only to your enemy.

You are a fool. If you think bringing in these refugees is safe, then you are the one believing an illusion.

EDIT: I was wondering if this was a repost or an activist script, then I noticed the link to reddit at the bottom. You didn't even author this rant, making you an even bigger idiot. Try to express your own opinions next time.