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Cutting into any queue or line would be punishable by law.

Upon seeing a "Cutter" a citizen could point and shout, "no cuts"! This enacts a "street court".

A thirteen member jury is decided by the first people saying, "I will stand", followed by the number of the juror ("I will stand, number 1", "I will stand, number two"...), until 5, 13, or 21 jurors is reached. Juror number 1 counts down the time, one minute is allowed to find jurors.

Then the jurors turn towards each other and say "one, two, three, NOT IT! ", the last juror "not it", is the judge and only gets a vote in case of a tie. If the judge cannot be determined in one minute, juror number 1 is the judge.

The judge keeps time in the street court.

The accused then gets to make their case in one minute, they may call witnesses. Anyone admitting they allowed the accused to cut in line is instantly disqualified as a witness and now stands accused.

Called witnesses get one minute to defend the accused.

One minute is given to the accuser to make a case, only witnesses that are not in the jury can be called.

When accused, accuser, and witnesses are done, the jury huddles and places their hands together, the each hold out one middle finger if they vote for guilty.

They tell the judge the count, the judge silently announces the verdict with either an open hand (not guilty), or a middle finger (guilty).

The guilty offender decides thier own punishment, they can:

  1. Leave the line, not returning for 48 hours (punishable by law).

  2. Make a speakerphone call to the local constabulary on a jurors phone, report their offence, having the jury verify their identification. This reports them in for jail time of one day, to be met within 10 days. Then go to the end of the line.

Willingly tampering with a street court is punishable by law, with minimum jail times of one month.

TL;DR - Ken hates people who cut into the queue.


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At first when you said "cutter" I thought you were referring to someone that cuts themselves.