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[–] kevdude 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

Says the mod.

I do agree that they should be here for spam and illegal stuff. I don't know what the fuck he means by

categorizing and organizing the content, and engaging the community

That appears to be something new that was just introduced. @reow this bit isn't in the Constitution - where is it coming from?


[–] HomerSimpson 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Says the mod.

Says the user. They aren't posting as a mod. They are posting as a user of a forum they moderate. Isn't that like one of your things you push on PV? That mods should be users and not draw attention to themselves unless needed?

I do agree that they should be here for spam and illegal stuff. I don't know what the fuck he means by

They aren't talking about Askvoat specifically. Did you have your coffee today?

@Calorie-Kin so I don't have to put another reply. /v/fatpeoplehate also categorizes content as well. The mods(including myself) make the content specifically about fat people and hatred towards them.


[–] Calorie-Kin 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Yes, says the mod. Moderators know their purpose, who would've thought.

Before you get your screencaps ready and start bitching on PV, I'll set the record straight. Question was "Does Voat need subverse moderators?", not "Does AskVoat need moderators?". I just replied on what I think mods should be doing. Certain moderators of certain subs (think @HomerSimpson on /v/FatPeopleHate) engage the community by making a weekly stickied offtopic post.This is something users can't do themselves, as everyone will sticky their own submission. Other subs (like /v/news) have moderators that help categorize the content. In the case of /v/news, this is to distinguish opinion articles credible sources.

Hope that clears it up. Put down the pitchfork and stop whining.


[–] kevdude 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

TIL that challenging mods is "whining" because I am a lowly user and should know my place.

Oh, and in terms of smaller subs that don't have (and never had) banner and front page sub list advertising you are correct.