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I'm predicting one of these users will make the mod team shortly:

@spacerosa @clayton @12_years_a_toucan (though he just recently took over /v/sjwhate so probably already busy shilling) @thegoldenboy @astromarmot @GOT @G4 @mick @ghostprototype

However I've also spotted dozens of alts in and around these drama threads blindly defending the above listed users and @she . I don't doubt they're already planning in IRC who they'll give the mod spots too.


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You forgot @moe and @nurdoidz. They are the ringleaders of this outfit.


[–] thegoldenboy 23 points -12 points (+11|-23) ago  (edited ago)

I love that. You have a bunch of different users there with a bunch of differing opinions. I haven't even seen half those users in the IRC. Just because they disagree with you doesn't automatically make them evil. I feel like mick, me or 12 years would be fine int that spot. But you will downvote me and disagree even though I am trying to be civil.


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Hey golden, was I right, or was I right?