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[–] ClitoralCommander 14 points 58 points (+72|-14) ago  (edited ago)

Since the only issue that I have with /v/askvoat is that an sjw is now in control, and since you won't give up your power, we have nothing to talk about.


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[–] SpaceRosa 41 points -16 points (+25|-41) ago 

You have a go at supposed SJWs, but you're throwing your weight around because someone with a different ideology than you is a moderator and you don't like that. Unbelievable.


[–] ClitoralCommander 5 points 33 points (+38|-5) ago  (edited ago)

/u/TheKillerRabbit said it best "But the problem is that you cant seem to prevent your personal bias from affecting your moderating. For that reason, I have unsubbed."

Now everyone has personally biases, of course, but sjws take it to the extreme. They dox, harass, and threaten those are disagree with them. They never seem to allow logic to control how they think, and I believe that she may be victim to this. I wouldn't care if she was sjw or even a nazi, as long as this doesn't allow for bias in her moderation. But she hasn't convinced me that this is true, and I doubt that I will ever be convinced. Therefore, I'm moving on to a better sub.