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Since the only issue that I have with /v/askvoat is that an sjw is now in control, and since you won't give up your power, we have nothing to talk about.


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You have a go at supposed SJWs, but you're throwing your weight around because someone with a different ideology than you is a moderator and you don't like that. Unbelievable.


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You seen like a decent person in general. Im sorry that youre getting vote brigaded to oblivion. I left reddit to avoid that shit.

But the problem is that you cant seem to prevent your personal bias from affecting your moderating. For that reason, I have unsubbed.

I honestly wish you the best of luck with whatever you do.


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I think that it's important to note that she isn't being 'brigaded' just because she of her SJW views.

It's her actions as a mod.

What would you suggest would have been an appropriate, non-shitty, non-Weddit response by the community?


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prevent your personal bias from affecting your moderating.

They haven't used any personal bias in removing posts...


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This is some Dolores Umbridge attitude you've got: overly nice, dismissive person in a position of small authority.