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Unsubbed. Sorry, you won't be able to regain my respect.


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Man, this sounds a lot like any announcement from /u/spez.


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At least /u/spez was doing it for a paycheck. This one does it for free.

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He is the new Reddit CEO (was a former CEO and now currently is one) and he came in after PaoWow left. Back in the golden days of Reddit he said he wanted it be a place where free speech could be practice. After he became a CEO again, he started doing the exact opposite of that, and banned offensive material. He said there would be a certain set of rules and policies that would be adhered to. Well only some racist/offensive subs got banned. He did not do what he said and people criticized him cause he's an asshole.

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Wait, did admins actually made her top moderator. If so how can that be confirmed?

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At first I sympathized with you to be honest. There is a lot of rubbish in the deleted posts modlog that was quite reasonable to remove. And while your strict enforcement of the question mark thing is completely absurd, to put it mildly, if that's the way it is then that's the way, it's not exactly censorship.

But then I came across something with this title: "A very rough draft of "Proposed Guidelines for Moderators of /v/AskVoat" What does the community think about these? Any suggestions or improvements?"

This was posted by someone who has been here for over a year, who has been a part of building this community long long LONG before you decided to come along. You deleted it for "spam, marketing, clickbait, self promotion and soap boxing". Who the hell do you think you are? We made sure that this place wasn't just Reddit 2.0 but of course you missed all of those discussions and conversations because you weren't even a fucking part of this community yet. How is it that someone who has been here for only two months takes control of a subverse like this? And how is it that not everyone has left this subverse yet because the more I looked through the modlog, the more I saw you removing posts for obscure reasons or for idiotic rules that shouldn't even be there in the first place. I've tried to stay away from the SJW remark but you DESERVE that title.

Anyone reading this who has taken a long time to wake up about this like I have, please do yourself a favour and look for yourselves. You don't need to look through her comment history, you just need to go into the deleted posts and see the reasons that she gives. ANYTHING that questions the moderation is removed for something stupid. And to think that such a great suggestion by SomeScientologist was made, that goes perfectly with the nature of Voat, the way it was and the way it should be was removed with such a condescending response from you is unacceptable and it tells me that you share none of our values or reasons for coming here in the first place.

You can have your sub, I'm going to the other ask voat and I hope that the rest come soon.


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Other Ask Voat? Could you share a link please? I'll go there as well.


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Sure it's simply /v/askvoat2 :) It's still very very small compared to this one though and seems kinda unlikely that it's really going to replace this at the moment but we'll see. It seems to be between askvoat2 and /v/askgoat.


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Will you step down as mod? This is the only way we will subscribe again.


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Unsubbed and blocked.


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This announcement is just PR 101 on how to deal with bad publicity. I'm glad this sub was taken off the default list by the admins, especially since the most important people have left to another sub to begin with.

I'm all for freedom of speech and people with their own opinions. But you give up your right for freedom of speech when you choose to uphold a job title. It's called business ethics and enforcing your own personal beliefs and opinions on the community that you are suppose to protect is wrong. Have your opinions but keep it separate from your job.

For everyone else, please use:

As an alternative.

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Just subscribed, 507 now lol!

Fuck this sub, I'm unsubscribing too until that mod leaves.


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what about /v/askgoats


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Go back to Reddit, Spez... Sub blocked.

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