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I am not an sjw, I was the one who posted the submission that front paged and then was removed by @she for lacking a ?

I do not want/seek power here on voat. My wanting @she 's removal now simply stems from poor moderation and shady behaviors involving several others mods and alternate accounts on this site, not forgetting to mention the irc she mentions that she chats with several other site moderators on.

Their side of the argument will have you believe this is a "witch hunt" and that they, nor @she have done anything wrong. They continue to try to label me a shill, troll, or sjw. Yet I am none of those, and was only ever involved because I felt the quality of the site, and the purpose of the site (freedom of speech) was being threatened by poor moderation.

I never encouraged harassment (most of which I am certain @she is making up anyway) nor did I encourage any postings other than my own. I invite anyone, admins included, to please look into it all they'd like.

I firmly believe @she , along with several other site moderators, are colluding to gain control over many subs through the subverserequest system. They all admit to regularly communicating on irc, and of the mods involved in this groups almost all of them have successfully gained control of large subs recently, or are on their way to doing so.

When you encourage this type of moderation, this way of accessing control of subverses, this type of shady collusion begins. A buddy system develops and begins to taint the meanings of the site, begins to bring about their own "culture".