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I have a proposal, can everyone calm down and we all start from there? Because there is mostly a lot of shouting and demanding and not enough facts and proposals of a constructive debate. Regardless of who did what and how justified/unjustified it was, throwing tantrums isn't leading this community anywhere.

Some actions already have been taken by the mods and admins. They might not be what some people expect but it's a start. There is no reason to really demand more at this point. What can be done is letting dust to settle and see how the situation evolves and react if anything bad starts happening again. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves. Also people often need time to understand their own mistakes. Mod are humans an make mistakes.

I also agree it would be better for everyone if /u/she stopped being a mod (herself included). But if she thinks thinks she can keep doing this in a proper way that's her choice.

And if the situation repeats itself keep it to the facts and avoid emotional accusations. If you keep it civil noone will be able to dismiss your arguments by calling it harassment. The water that drills the rock might be doing it for a very long period of time but at least it doesn't burn out like a fire that can only destroy and bring much more harm than good.