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[–] LegoMyEgo 27 points 25 points (+52|-27) ago 

Notifying the FBI because you believe there exists child porn on voat is the proper procedure as stated by Atko. Whether there was cp is for the authorities to determine.


[–] Scandinavian 10 points 60 points (+70|-10) ago  (edited ago)

Oh, please. It was a dick move and a copy-paste of what really set of the landslide on Reddit.

I'm a little surprised about the victimhood working so well on you guys. I'm also fairly confident it wouldn't work so well if "she" didn't have a username that alluded to him/her being a female.


[–] KinkRaven 3 points 41 points (+44|-3) ago  (edited ago)

it's a dumb username and basically is an example of 'there are no girls on the internet' and 'tits or GTFO'

She picked that username to make sure we can automatically have a pussy pass applied to her.

edit: you didn't, read the context wrong


[–] escapefromredditbay [S] 17 points 33 points (+50|-17) ago 

there wasnt CP though.

and, i swear on my honor, ive seen it in voats IRC channel, that SHE honestly cant see the difference between loli and real CP.


[–] Kaysic 32 points -19 points (+13|-32) ago  (edited ago)

the difference between loli and real CP

Because there is no fucking legal difference. It doesn't matter what your opinion is, legally it is child porn and cannot be hosted on Voat's servers (only a few countries don't consider fictional depiction to be CP, Japan being foremost).

Jesus Christ, I swear the "LOLI ISN'T CP REEEEEEE" argument does nothing but make me want to find loli to report out of fucking spite!

[–] [deleted] 41 points -20 points (+21|-41) ago