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Hi there, thank you for the reply.

I'm a little confused on your answer to number 3 and hope you might elaborate. Should I take this to mean that some of the currently active mods are unwilling to publicly commit to not moderating in bad faith or using what bothers them as a yardstick for mod action instead of the rules? I realize it's not possible to do things that require a level 1 mod when the current l1 mod is inactive, but how does this affect whether or not the active mods will promise the community to moderate fairly going forward?

I ask this not to be inflammatory, but I genuinely don't understand your answer. You've been pretty reasonable through all this, so I don't think there's any bad intent or anything on your part, I do though think my point 3 is somewhat of a sticking point for me and probably others.


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but how does this affect whether or not the active mods will promise the community to moderate fairly going forward?

We will probably add a leniency clause to the sidebar and then it just comes down to the good judgment of moderators to know what to remove and what to stay. I can already say this is going to lead to problems, as rules must be interpreted and moderators can always try to find the outer limit of a concept to legitimize a removal. I hope we can create rules that don't allow much room for interpretation. I'd have a discussion with the community about this, but it'd get insta-hijacked by the protectvoat crowd.


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You're not wrong about the hijacking, probably, but I still find it tremendously unfortunate that it came this far. I think people who share the same sentiments that I have probably would have been perfectly fine with the situation if the mod team had more directly and openly stated such a thing several days ago. It may be that these conversations have been going on, but if they have, they're taking place somewhere away from community visibility; something which under normal circumstances I would vehemently disagree with. I hope the team can create proposals and ideas to get things on track and get them in a place where they can be disseminated to the community.

I will support anything I feel is reasonable and ethically sound.