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The mods won't solve any of the ongoing issues they created.

You know what would help? Some transparency from the mod team.

@Blacque , @farqanator , @Flux , @Kva , @shiny , @Stoic

Please can each of you go on record here and simply state 1) Do you agree or disagree with u/she 's actions over the past week in terms of deleting threads over punctuation and "soapboxing"?

2) Do you believe that she should stay on as a member of the moderation team?

I don't see the drama ending or v/askvoat ever getting restored to a default until this is over, but it might help if the community can see where the entire team stands on the issue. I know this maybe puts you all on the spot, but there was a thread that called for no confidence in ALL of you when it was basically ONE of you that sparked the outrage. (And 1100 or so people is a representative sample from a statistical perspective and 87% voted no confidence so you can't really dismiss it out of hand).

(I posted then deleted this comment twice because I was pinging wrong - putting the u/ in the names - and I know that you can't do it from an edit.)