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u/she needs to step down as moderator as a show of good faith. She has overzealously enforced ambiguous rules and censored discussion. Look here: and open up the comments for each deleted post to see that many of the posts presented a line of inquiry to the group and facilitated a conversation as the community attempted to answer. Deleting it was heavy handed and suggests that u/she is more concerned with imposing/exercising authority than with what the community wants.There is no excuse for this. She has to go.

I vote that the rules are just fine as they are. I have yet to see "soapboxing" and I truly feel that the term is a slippery slope to a reddit style selective enforcement. v/askvoat will definitely have politically oriented questions. Seeking to implement more rules will eventually lead us to reddit where a post about the TPP was deleted from r/news because "not news, politics" and then deleted from politics because "not politics, news". I think the whole notion of insisting on arbitrary rules like a "?" and the discussion I read over on v/modsofvoat about the issue points to a group of people more concerned with "rules" than discussion and more concerned with maintaining their "power" (they use the word power in their sidebar) than with being a part of the user group that happens to clear out the spam. So to show faith u/she should step down, a statement should be issued, and as a community we should petition for the sub to be returned to default status.

Nothing except spam should be deleted. And no new rules should be added. In the words of u/atko the mod team just needs to "calm their tits" and let the sub grow organically as users submit and discuss topics.