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Allegedly she is a feminist but she hasn't to my knowledge abused her mod privileges to push any feminist agenda so I think it's a moot point that needs to be dropped.

To be fair, the only people still squawking about that are the people defending her, since it's the only thing they can defend her against.

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I did delete posts in an attempt to keep discussion inside the megathread though, and if it was seen as censorship, I apologize.

This is not an apology, it's you trying to weasel out of the fact that your actions were absolutely taken to stifle discussion by limiting people to only one thread in which you full well know any new comment would be buried and you could let any kind of criticism die there.

It's the same reason you try to direct people to another subverse entirely - to deprive criticism (justified and not) of /u/She's actions of visibility so that you can craft a narrative in which /u/She is merely the innocent victim of a witch hunt perpetrated by people who woke up one day and en masse decided they were going to attack her.

That neither you, nor /u/She can see that she, and to a barely lesser extent you, have played an active role in the community's desire to have you removed from moderating it speaks volumes as to why neither of you should be running a subverse.

Take your non-apology and stuff it.