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Hey there, I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

If I may, I'd like to suggest that if the goal is to use /v/ModsOfAskVoat for this sort of thing, any ongoing discussions should be cross-linked in an /v/AskVoat sticky post that will remain active until the close of that discussion and the enactment of anything that results from that discussion (not a secondary discussion here, rather an obvious link that will funnel people into the ModsOfAskVoat discussion if they wish to participate). The goal of this would be to make sure any user who visits this sub is aware that a discussion is happening, without too much effort required on the user's part to find such meta-related topics.

  1. I hope the way this is formulated gets some fairly deep consideration. It could be easily possible to construe something like an attempt to raise awareness about something as "soap-boxing" even if it's about something serious or important. That's not saying I think drumming for causes should become a thing in AskVoat, I'm just not sure the definition of soap-boxing as I understand it is the right way to look at the kind of posts a rule like this might target. Over the course of figuring out what the definition used by the rules will be, perhaps a better descriptor will reveal itself.

  2. Can you elaborate a bit on this point? To be frank, my hope is that if someone clearly phrases a question in the title but neglects to add a question mark, that the post will be allowed to slide.

  3. I support the objective criteria point 100% and feel like this is a great example of the kind of stuff that helps resolve concerns like mine. I'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds.

  4. Understandable, I'm sure there's a lot to do. Again, looking forward to seeing what develops.

I know I've been kind of a shit lately, but honestly the idea of the internet becoming a place hostile to open discourse is something that really disturbing to me, so I struggle very much with not overreacting to issues like that. I'm sorry for the added stress anything I've personally done may have placed on you, but I really do hope things can work out in a way that's positive for all of us.


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I don't think it needs to move to another sub. This affects the v/askvoat community and should be discussed in v/askvoat.