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Went back to reddit, voat is no different.


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I believe I mentioned in one of the subverse request threads that I was ok with the idea of @Atko and @PuttItOut setting it up under @System, but I'd like to believe that if people are willing to try to sort it out it's still a solvable problem. At some point a new Level 1 mod is going to have to be appointed, I just have concerns about how things are going to go after that, which is part of the reasoning why I wrote this post, in hopes there's a way to start trying to fix some stuff.

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The mods won't solve any of the ongoing issues they created.

You know what would help? Some transparency from the mod team.

@Blacque , @farqanator , @Flux , @Kva , @shiny , @Stoic

Please can each of you go on record here and simply state 1) Do you agree or disagree with u/she 's actions over the past week in terms of deleting threads over punctuation and "soapboxing"?

2) Do you believe that she should stay on as a member of the moderation team?

I don't see the drama ending or v/askvoat ever getting restored to a default until this is over, but it might help if the community can see where the entire team stands on the issue. I know this maybe puts you all on the spot, but there was a thread that called for no confidence in ALL of you when it was basically ONE of you that sparked the outrage. (And 1100 or so people is a representative sample from a statistical perspective and 87% voted no confidence so you can't really dismiss it out of hand).

(I posted then deleted this comment twice because I was pinging wrong - putting the u/ in the names - and I know that you can't do it from an edit.)


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How haven't we solved any of the issues? The only issue still open is the position of She, which we have no control over.


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Couldn't the top mod demod her?


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[–] Stoic 0 points (+0|-0) 44 minutes ago (edited 34 minutes ago) How haven't we solved any of the issues? The only issue still open is the position of She, which we have no control over.

Oh. I see.

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No, you can't fix the problem because YOU are the problem.

You've already demonstrated you'd rather see the sub crumble than resign from your position.


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The mods will. Don't speak on our behalf. I'll be back tomorrow morning to write a post about this.

Translation: "Shut up serf. Your rulers will determine what happens here. I have to go into the IRC with the rest of the reddit team and determine what I plan to do with YOUR community. I will be back when it is convenient for me to issue my ruling."


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The mods will. Don't speak on our behalf.<<



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You really have no idea that when you find yourself in a hole, you should stop digging, do you?