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while I figured @she to be a pretty obvious SJW I didn't actually find her moderating behavior all that questionable until the big thread deletion.

I'd like to take this opportunity to state once again that I doubt She let her being a SJW influence her actions as a mod. The thread she deleted was because of a lacking '?' mark (which is pedantic, unwelcoming and contrary to what I believe consitutes good mod behavior). It displayed incompetence, but no one has been banned from this sub and no one has been censored from speaking their mind on AskVoat. Now, to me at least, people are trying to use this censoring on /v/SeriousDiscussion to legitimize their witchhunt on the mods of /v/AskVoat. I'd like to hear what you think @nomerasques, @Electrolumus.

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Ah, sorry for lumping you into that group then. Shouldn't have done that.

As someone in the middle of all this I can at least present you with the forecast that you will be able to enjoy the shitshow from your pool for the coming days and even weeks, depending on when the admins decide what the best course of action is.


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I suppose my question in this case, is has @She owned up to this being an actual mistake, apologized, etc.?

The few posts I have seen from her on the subject have been nothing of the kind, but perhaps there is something that I missed. Doubling down and trolling your userbase in response does nothing to calm things down.