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You forget that the SRS types are exceptional at brigading and constantly in search of subs to take over.

This would be handing them a loaded gun. They'd immediately use it to oust mods that didn't submit to them so they could take over more subs.


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Yeah, I say if a mod deletes a comment and there is no real justification (ie clearly violating a rule like "no cat pictures on v/dogs" or some shit) they automatically get demodded. (Maybe set some reasonable parameters like if it is one of the public utility subs like new, politics, ask, etc)

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SJWS are motivated by a moral imperative, the non-sjw masses are complacent and often disinterested/unaware.

Not-SJW is not the same thing as anti-sjw. You or I might take preemptive action, most people wouldn't care enough until it's too late.

I'd rather not create a tool that's so easily to abuse and rely on disinterested masses to make sure it's only used the "right" way.