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From what I have seen in the last hour or so of reading, and over the last few days, it appears they (plural, ie. the mods) have retreated into their echo chamber and now are outright denying the facts of the situation, and spreading all sorts of bullshit and revisionist history with the help of other members of their little internet cabal.

In other words, it appears their imaginary internet powers are worth more to them than the community which they are responsible for looking after. I was afraid this might be the case, and early signs seem to indicate this is exactly how they are going to play it.

If this doesn't get nipped in the bud now, it will continue to fester and completely nullify the advantage Voat has over other places such as Reddit, and speaking personally, will completely negate the point of signing up here in the first place.

I hope I'm wrong - to be honest I tire of this manufactured drama, it's not what I came here for, but I remain involved because I believe it's a worthwhile pursuit to defend something I value against these little crowds of nutjobs that are trying to subvert an entire community with their horseshit games.