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Gimmicks. loot boxes, skins, unequal warfare. no ownership of a game because downloads and options. Downgrading graphics because server air conditioning costs more than a meat market of the same requirements. You know, passing costs and ownership. governments call it taxes. games call it membership.

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Replacing all those little batteries.

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The attempts to use games to indoctrinate people with far left politics

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Not a big fan of the sperg e-sports culture. Every little nigger kid thinks they're going to be the next twitch streamer superstar or whatever, online games are hyper competitive and full of people just running meta constantly.

I guess that always existed but I think it's more prominent now. Back in the day you used to have the nerdy MLG stuff, but you also had crowds that were like the equivalent of playing some pick up basketball with some local people, where no one was a God, it was more about just having fun. Now it's like everyone is trying to be in the NBA with nothing much in the middle.

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Technique creep and access to information has definitely made the average player way “better” at online games. When I was a kid the internet was small and playing stuff like diablo 2 was something you had to learn on your own (you could use guides and stuff but they were shit and I was like 10 years old). I remember the asian kid down the street teaching us the “correct” way to play the game like dumping all of your stats into vitality and the correct builds and shit before information was widely available. It’s just the natural progression of technique of video games, people just get better and better over time. For instance wow classic was so fucking easy for players today with the wealth of information and culture of min maxing. The world is already pretty much “min maxed” it’s just the internet and gaming world was the last to really embrace it being so new.

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Yeah true enough. I just can't keep up anymore, not enough time to devote to getting that good at any particular game. I miss the old days of playing Ghost Recon 2 with some boomers in the evening after work, lol.

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Discs Re basically worthless, having to download massive day 1 patches.

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DISCS ARE PRICELESS... they allow FEDERAL the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed by Congress in 1975 to let you demand Wal-AMrt give you all your money back if their servers ban you, block your machine, or game crashes.


State law extends upon it to require a merchantability or fitness, depending on your state.

This means a game company cannot sell you "nothing".

DISCS ARE PRICELESS, if all electronic steam-only DL, you cannot get a guaranteed refund under federal law.

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Bugs. No matter how much fucking popularity the game has prior to launch, it's always riddled with bugs. And even the ones that still get regular maintenance are still fucking riddled with bugs.

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The price to fun ratio. When I can get ten times the fun from a good indie game for 1/3 or less of the price something is fucky.

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Women always being the leaders/biggest badasses in the story...

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