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yes, the one on nuremburg is quite interesting

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Yes, and they're free at his website you've linked to. You maty want tto start with Hitler's War. I think they link to an audiobook version. Or one's at archive.org. As for Churchill's War, there's audio, I think on the website, of a long talk where Irving hits the highlights. Pat Buchanan's The Unnecessary War cites from that book. Buchanan's book is great, is also available in audio.

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Yes the Geobbles one. There is a whooooole house full of white power books hidden in TN. You have to know the right people to access it. It has GLR's printing press there too

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Thanks! TN? GLR?

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Georg Lincoln Rockwell

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I've seen speeches, he seems like a cool dude.

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No but the fastest moving book I've ever read has been by Desmond Bagley. I thought Wilbur Smith, while a good read, was a show off and sacrificed pace for very detailed (e.g. medical) research.