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Ebb and flow throughout history. In and out of power. I'd say this go around started with the sinking of the Titanic that lead to the passing of the Federal Reserve.

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The jews were here long before. They owned the first slave markets. As I hear it (though I have no source right now) the first slave market in the U.S. was right across from a synagogue and closed on saturday.

Though as far as when they gained most of their power, yeah.. around the time of the "Fed."

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Yep, they've definitely been around before US or colonial history. I believe Madison did a good job of disrupting their plans but they regrouped in the 20th century...I'm no historian though (I did grow up in US public schools after all)

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Wait did the jews purposefully sink the Titanic? This is a great take.

Maybe through lax regulations? Purposefully not allowing enough lifeboats and barreling into an iceberg?

Oh shit, just realized. Ice”berg”, (((berg))), the signs were all there.

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It was a 2 birds one stone con. It was an insurance con and it also got rid of 3 of the 4 richest men in the US. I believe it was named the Olympia, an identical twin to the Titanic, that was built first. It was in a couple small accidents, including one with a British navel ship. British courts found the, jew owned, Olympia guilty and had to pay for damages. As I said earlier, the Titanic was identical to the Olympia. Except it's had small tweaks and updates to it to make it a more stable version. The Olympia was renamed Titanic, a bomb was placed below deck.

3 of the 4 richest men in America happened to be in Europe and were headed back to the US to speak in Congress against the Fed from being instituted. A year or two after the sinking we lost our country.

This is the shortened version from memory. If you want further details feel free to look them up.

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Yep, I posted something the other day about ice(((bergs))) lol. The main opposition to the creation of the federal reserve were killed on the boat. Much higher odds of poor people dying on the boat, especially considering how rich they were ( I cant think of their name off the top of my head ) also if I recall correctly, the captain had been doing that course for like 30 years (granted smaller boats) so I would think they knew where not to go

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Late 1800s in the U.S. is when shit got real. Read the International Jew by Henry Ford for more info.

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Jewish financiers funded Cromwell's war to take over Britain, then jewish funded colonialism (and reaped the profits while British soldiers died). Then agitated and funded the French revolution through their freemason puppets, which enabled them to leave their mainland European ghettos. Napoleon's dismantling of traditional European monarchy's and the insistence on 'liberty for all' meant that everyone had to be liberated.

In America they were the big financiers behind the American revolution, again using their freemason puppets to be the front runners.

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Close, but the kikes started as diaspora merchants converting and mixing out with Khazars before heading West into Poland-Lithuania where they settled down. The kikes made it into the Netherlands during the Protestant reformation and from their Cromwell and on and on.

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A long long time ago some mentally retarded individual touched a kid. This mentally retarded individual then somehow had children. The Jews/ Islam continued to have oddspring that followed their pedophile ways. Now we have this like a "news" channel called CNN.

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Corrupted, greedy men

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5800 years ago.

At one point, there was not a single kike among us.

You sure about that?

Don't worry, they won't be around much longer

LARP somewhere else.

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You are the biggest jew on voat, everyone knows that

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Why do you say that?

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you’re a jew because I can’t read your posts

you’re a jew because you posted truth that I can’t refute

you’re a jew because truth hurts my feelings

you’re a jew because I have no argument against what you said

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you’re a jew because you want every jew on earth exterminated

you’re a jew because you say things jews are forbidden from saying

you’re a jew because I am too weak and cowardly to accept reality

you’re a jew because I am paid by jews to post here and I support white genocide, just like my ZOG emperor

Thanks for proving me right every waking moment of your life.

Good luck getting your questions answered in the future, you subhuman piece of shit. You don’t even know how jews operate; how the fuck do you think your little LARP is going to get off the ground? Go on. Tell the class. Humiliate me. I dare you.

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Bout 2000 yrs ago.

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