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Black Panther

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Interstellar, I think.

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The movie was complete and utter fucking garbage, at least the music was okay.

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The music was good, but so overwhelmingly loud as to be annoying. It was like getting punched in the ears to make me feel like what I was seeing was suitably 'epic'. Learn to turn down the volume, Nolan.

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hard movie to watch the first time...I watched it a couple of times and came to view it differently...e.g. after getting "it", it worked...

ad astra, now that was rather sucky UNLESS you get the point that brad pitt was playing a totally emotionless person who actually was perfectly suited for the mission...movie still sucked though

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Shindlers list.

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yeah even before i got redpilled i thought that movie was overrated af

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Forest Gump.

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citizen kane

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I didnt get it at first either

There is a comentary with siskel or ebert talking about how much was invented for that movie. Things that are now common to the point of boring were invented in that movie.

Its like looking at a television now vs when it was invented.

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Yeah but just because it's an innovative movie doesn't mean it's a good movie

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I almost said this

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