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Look up the lowest percentages of niggers by area.

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A lot of people moving to Wyoming I hear

[–] RCCollier 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Pacific Northwest.

[–] RedoubtRenee ago 

Not Idaho, Cali refugees have ruined real estate...

[–] RCCollier ago 

Already?! Mother of christ....

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Nowhere is best. Stand and fight, coward.

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Yes - never fight from an improved position. Always fight wherever you happen to find yourself. Big brain energy from a smooth brain faggot.

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run away

just fucking run away, goyim

you’re in a better position by abandoning everything you’ve created

run the fuck away

give up all your land and all your resources

autistic jewish meme spam

Enjoy white genocide, I guess.

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The best place to live is where you call home. Run away from the enemy is so cowardly. If everybody did that, we would all be locked within a border and easily destroyed. 2nd amendment is our tool for freedom. Pull you head out of the sand.

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Hahaha, yeah, because we actually have a "home" right? I mean we have no fucking communities other than insane Churches which support White genocide, almost everyone is a fucking retard that supports White genocide and all anyone every does is fuck and watch TV. Yeah, what a fucking homeland dude, I feel like a fucking atomized broiler chicken or caged factory farm pig/cow/sheep that is totally fucking alone, we don't have a fucking home.

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Take your own advice you hypocritical do nothing blowhard

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if you are not tied down - and are looking for a good place to live in the US there is definitely options. Some stupid glow cunts on here will tell you DONT TALK ABOUT IT! or STAY AND FIGHT WHERE YOU ARE FAGGOT! and all that usual stupid fucking talk from men who have never been in a fight in their lives...

You need to do your research into what you think you need most. Do you think you want to live in an area that is more conservative or more leftist? Look up the maps. Do you want to live in a rural area with less people or do you need to live in a city for work? Or maybe something in between? Do you want to live somewhere that if the natural gas was shutoff for 2 weeks you would freeze solid in winter? Or compete with a million other people for firewood? Do you want to live somewhere its so hot you cook to death in the summer without electricity? Really your answer lies in how mobile are and what type of work you do. From there - make a list of things most important to you and spend time researching for places that contain as many of these things as possible.

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Why would we name it on a public forum watched by our enemies? Are you stupid?

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Missouri Ozarks

[–] PaulNeriAustralia ago 


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