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Stood his ground, called bullshit on the proxy war, rode out the globalist onslaught - still commands territory and controls a country. They hate him, he won.

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jew media doesn't tend to telescope their failures.

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So he's doing alright then I'm assuming?

[–] Thepotatolobby ago 

he's like shrodinger's cat.

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Just wait until Hillary is Secretary of State again. Then it will be "we came, we saw, he died hahahahahaha" like it was with Qaddafi.

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He's doing well, just talked to him this morning.

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They are on life support from Russia and America and Israel are choking their economy to death.

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Jews furious because he's still in place (thanks to the russians...)

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He is still trembling from the line in the sand Obumbler drew a few years back... no not the 4th one, the 5th one, the 5th one did the trick!!!

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