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Had some lib "friends" call my young offspring to sing happy birthday. I know don't go there. The weird thing was that the dude said something about we don't know Yoda's gender. Well, that is about my last straw. I am going to have to flush these people and they will not have a clue as to why.

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Libs don't have a clear concept of mental illness. Let's say I am a guy but I want to wear a dress, paint my nails and wear lipstick "because I feel like a woman" is this a mental illness? What If I decide to chop off my dick for the same reason? "Wow, what a brave person to be exploring human sexuality!"

In their world, "Everything is just fine and anything goes". They do live in a make believe Comic Con type of world and can't stand it when they don't get their way.

I would LOVE for Trump to prove massive election fraud in court and win the election. Totally worth it to watch the Libs melt down again! (Hope they have safe places with color books, these children are going to need it!)

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Like when you look at this site, you can tell it’s incredibly diverse. People always have different views on everything. Whereas Reddit for example is a scary dictatorship where people mindlessly parrot each other. And opposing views are seemingly discouraged

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Gotta point

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Cultural marxism. They have embraced communism and have lost their minds. Perpetual victim mentality.

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The left is being manipulated by techniques used by cults for a very long time. The naive sanctimonious types don't realize they're being manipulated by some very sick and evil people setting a manufactured cultural trend.

The desperation of censorship is a big clue. One thing cults urgently have to do is keep all unapproved viewpoints and literature from polluting the purity of their doctrine and the unity of their subjects.

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The left is being manipulated by techniques used by cults for a very long time.

You speak sooth, because you say like me. Also, you are correct.

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"Everyone else*

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Any ideology starts out grabbing people by pulling on emotional strings. This is true of politics or religions. It isn't just a hook either. It's developing emotional patterns in people which turn into behavorial patterns. When the 2 start reinforcing each other then it's highly unlikely the person ever leaves that political party or religion.

Is it any surprise Communists all over the world throughout time act the same. They are neurotic, hyper judgemental, vicious, unforgiving and hard to get along with? The Communist Manifesto is not just a well marketed and always trendy political tool to turn free economies and nations back into a dictatorship or oligarchy, it's also a judgement on people. Namely, it is a criticism on people who support themselves and who have positive reproductive health. They always use the homeless and drug addicted. They always use racism and gender discrimination and ethnic differences. How do they do that? They do it by shock and awe, by revealing past crimes of whites and capitalists in the darkest light while also making their followers believe they are victims. Once someone believes they are a victim they'll do almost anything to other people and do it while full of hate without guilt. All Communists are wrapped up in this using propoganda techniques that are heavily soaked with emotional arguments and peer pressure. America is genociding blacks. Are they? No. Have they ever tried and failed? No. Doesn't matter. If you tried to go over the evidence with them they'd shriek and scream at you and so it in such a manner that people around them would believe you're raping them. This is also how they call others to their side to help.

So what religion and group of people is great at ignoring and downplaying their own past crimes while focusing on and exaggerating out of context crimes of whole races and countries? This group is also always the victim. Doesn't matter how many whites they slaughter by the tens of millions, how many wars they start and fund and how much they have. What other group is neurotic, hateful and extremely unforgiving? Ashkenazi Jews. Who wrote the Communist Manifesto and paid for its propogation across the globe and funded the revolutions and got rich off the slaughters and spread their banks and media across the world?

The Communist Manifesto is not just a critique of Capitalism and Democracies. It is not just a guide on how to overthrow legitimate, democratically elected governments. It is a critique on religion as well. What replaces religion when you have none? Politics. Communism is an emotional and spiritual movement as much as it is anything else and it was designed by Kabbalah worshipping Jews who were masters of usery and war. The Communist is a weaker mirror of what you see if you meet an Orthodox Jew who is a leftist. It teaches its followers to see the world the same way, teaches them the same behaviors and they develop the same emotional patterns which turn into behavorial patterns. The social and emotional aspect of it, as much as anything else is why it always results in societies falling apart, mass starvations, mass murders and the cities and countrysides being burnt to the ground.

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Think about it this way. You have the capacity to problem solve. Some homeless faggot is shitting in your yard, you spray him with the garden hose or beat the snot out of him. Regardless, it's problem solved.

Libtards can't solve problems. Some homeless faggot is shitting in their yard, well he's oppressed, so we can't call the police or spray him. We have to celebrate the fact that he's expressing himself with heroin laced diarrhea.

After a while the fact that they can never resolve anything breaks them. Their life is filled to the brim with impossible problems, none of which can ever be solved. Deport illegals? Fuck no. Take responsibility? Absolutely not. Arrest criminals? Are you insane? This fucks over the mind. Nothing ever gets better. Nothing can ever be fixed. Everything, literally everything in the world is eternally broken. The only way to deal with this is to be completely, utterly, insane.

The only way you can deal with the reality rejecting ideology that is required of the liberal is to be completely mentally ill.

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Because they understand power, if conservatives were the right wing version of that jews would give up. But instead conservatives just gracefully lose, over and over and over again.

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