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fukishima radiation called and would like to let you know, three Mox reactors are still wide open to the environment and putting out a large amount of radiation.... Small animals are the first to show signs. Start talking to local vets and animal rescue workers and you'll start to hear stories about large amounts of odd sicknesses and cancers in pets over the last three years (animals.... low to the ground, close to fall out)

Then for fun, start talking with nurses on the west coast who are seeing an odd spike in birth defects and ...yes... even infant mortality....

News and reports never covered in MSM....

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Frequently someone does something stupid in front of me and I think they might be texting or on drugs, but it turns out just to be a black woman.

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So you're saying they've were texting and on drugs.

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My friend and I were nust talking about this. Seems like everybody's been doing fucking stupid, and it shows on the road. Bunch of people driving without lights, or brights on, running red lights, driving slow as shit, taking turns weird. I even saw somebody in broad daylight driving on the wrong side of tge fucking road last week I think. Idk if it's because they've been locked in their house or something else but the average attention span has clearly decreased.

Nust isnt even a word. Thanks autocorrect, very cool!

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I am not, You can't prove anything.

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Normal people don't act like that. You're on drugs!

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I want an attorney and another hit.

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My name is hunter and i like drugs

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Here in Fl,


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But its weed.

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Must be some where I live.Most are parked with windows rolled up.You can spot them on parking lots of mini malls,gas stations,apartment buildings and such.3 years ago my boss caught 3 of them doping up at 6am on parking lot of my workplace.

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