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Isn't that how it always is. I usually see shit on the TV that I heard months ago on pol or voat.

Example: 4chan talking about coronavirus in early January. Anyone outside of there I mentioned it to called it a "conspiracy theory" early on and when the news picked it up they said "the flu is more dangerous" and "it is racist to close down borders". Then their tune changed to what 4chan had been saying for two months and 4chan moved on to it now being a hoax and it no longer being dangerous.

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essentially yes.

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I had figured out it was hugely exaggerated threat BEFORE we locked down. But did anyone listen, even on Voat? Aww hell naw.

[–] TheManyHands ago 

There was no virus. How are you 7 months behind?;

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Fuck off dude. You're in the prescient fringe, stop acting like you're the only one that sees shit coming.

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I'm anxiously (ha ha) awaiting our 4pm EST local news broadcast to find out if the lamestream media tells us about any of today's happenings.

I'm betting NO.

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cnn homepage is already 100% asking no questions. If a cnn employee says dominion on air they might be shot

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I hope they get shot

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Covid, covid, COVID!!!

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they mentioned at least that the same things are happening in many other countries as well. something that hasnt been pointed out enough. it becomes even more evident that this is a globalist undertaking. i guess its only the tip of the global communist iceberg

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So nothing substantive

And who has the server?

I know, I know. I'm a rabbi, faggot shill working for the CCP for saying this isn't gonna overturn the election.

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[–] Dave_ph ago 

Powel is like some crazy UFO conspiracy nut

[–] Tdurden38 ago 

It was the opening statement. I hope they have more than a Cuban affidavit, but take into context the bigger picture, FISA - the fact nothing happens in a vacuum and a lot of morons were involved in the heist and it was enough of an opening Salvo to get headlines out, send a message and give confirmation to the base suffering from the propaganda onslaught.

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Ya i kinda agree. No smoking gun but maybe we have the servers? But the county's with 350% turn out and the stats seem insane.

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I’m not a fan of Trump. I think the Q shit is stupid. But it’s obvious Trump won. Anyone with 2 functioning brain cells can tell fuckery is deep here. At this point I am standing on principle. If this is allow to pass then they’ll just do it bigger next time. Our Republic will cease to be.

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you know, watching the 'news' and alex jones...it seems like they get all their stories from people like us.

[–] gosso920 ago 

Why aren't they presenting this argument in court, instead of giving a press conference?

[–] Ayatollah-Naghi ago 

The mainstream is jewish owned. And jews are basically anti everything

[–] ardvarcus ago 

The common people need to know that their franchise in their nation is being stolen away by greedy traitors in the Democratic Party and foreign interests intent on first raping and then destroying America. This is not just a presidential coup (although it is that), it's also a bid to enslave the American people under a globalist tyranny. And the entire corporate media, to their everlasting shame, is complicit.

[–] Doglegwarrior [S] ago 

this only happend because of the media from every angle.

Tds is 4 years of media

Covid1984 is media fear mondgerinf

Biden getting no hard questions

Hunter biden not being exposed

How many more things did they do?

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