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trump could have done a lot of things, but just didn't

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He just has to tweet that he's going to do it and his supporters will be happy.

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Hes done nothing for us and all of the cucks are talking about a bugaboo for him lol

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It is beyond the point of fixing things with just votes

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Could have ,should have, would have but didnt . You are given two options to vote for syphilis or gonorrahea ( quote from Julian Assange ( which is why he's still locked up ))

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Yes, he could have, but he works for jews, so he didn't and never would.

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Bear in mind that South Africa is designated a safe country by UNHCR.

And the term “refugee” excludes anyone (or group) who previously allegedly participated in the "persecution" of others. Whites are regarded as the original oppressors and therefore do not qualify as refugees (even those born long after Apartheid ended!) @manintights

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~Justjewishthings ~

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Hah! I had no idea. That's incredible. So they just say "nuh uh it's totally safe, besides you started it!"

It's funny that the world seems to work like a 3rd grade playground, just with a lot more death.

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Sounds like a 5 year old wrote that definition.

[–] uvulectomy ago 

Sounds like a kike wrote that definition.

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You are expecting a jew lover to be the savior of Whites?

By the way, Putin did something about it and let a number of South African Whites into weird-once-Soviet Russia. Who is the better servant of White folks?!

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He is kushnerized to the core.

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For a little while Australia was going to offer them refuge. Instead we get yet more chinx.

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How's that working out for you?

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What Trump actually does compared to what he could do is highly disappointing.

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Platinum plan!! It was the best thing that ever happened to me when I woke up and saw that he was going to give a half trillion dollars to africans from ethnic americans' pockets, including non slave states. OMG I was jumping for joy like it was christmas morning and it was the best gift I'd ever gotten, as a non-african.

said no one ever

[–] GoatWhisperer ago 

You have to admit that in some ways he really did try. He was hamstrung by Dems at pretty much every turn.

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He could have done it, but he chose not to.

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