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I'd gather as many like-minded operatives to my agenda. And then I'd work at insinuating ourselves into important positions within the organization. Become mods of as many places as possible, and primary mod whenever we can be. Then, I'd stress the importance of rigorous, inflexible application of the letter of the law, spirit be damned.

I would use alt accounts to re-post content that I wanted to see on the board but failed to pass rigor, while avidly attacking material that I disagreed with for the most petty of infractions. These alt accounts would also be employed to vote up content that I approved of, and vote down content that ran counter to my agenda, trying to build inertia for the mindset that I want to promote.

Then, once a certain threshhold was reached, where my agents were sufficiently entrenched in the community, I'd start changing the rules to further suit my agenda. and by the time I actually asserted my control, by the time I started openly banning and censoring, It would be happening in so many places that no one board would stick out from the whole.