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This is the lamest boomer shit, why don't you talk about how they're invading and replacing us instead?

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Boomers think pointing out hypocrisy or something is like the ultimate ownage or something. They are stuck in 2016 forever. “The democrats are the real x!” “Libtards say x and then do y, lol they so dumb!”

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How long have you been on Voat? It’s all we do is talk about that here.

If you can piss off one Muslim by telling him he’s got a couple of pieces of bacon in his pocket, it’s an easy psyop. Might as well use some words to irritate them.

Look in the mirror. Calling me boomer is what’s lame. But that’s your generation, you’re all about “cool” trends. All talk and no action.

What the fuck have you accomplished in your life? That’s what I thought.

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Love it, thanks!

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Also alcohol and an image of a woman who is not covered up.

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I’m sure the Muslims lust at the goat emoji.

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Even more defilement. Lol

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I doubt they have to use them, also I wonder if their governments remove them from their phones.

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Muslims need this emoji.


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Rainbow flags and uncovered womenish looking faces, too!

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Silly kike, halal is for martyrs

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Muslims give about as many shits about the modern world as Christians care about interest and flipping tables over.

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Why do Christian banks charge more interest than Muslim banks?

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Bacon is the Star of David?

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Damn missing comma. :-/