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I dont know. You would think a lot of people would have nothing to lose and would just go for it.

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looking at you @Tallest_Skil

First to say you have nothing to live for but last to act while screeching about cowards and the doom of the white race.

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daniel andrews still has his head attached.

this is not acceptable.

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A likely candidate

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cunt is a fucking traitor who is responsible for 6 million counts of unlawful detention, all of the nursing home covid deaths, and we dont know how many suicides so far, plus the unlawful infringement of peoples basic legal rights that his fanboys have now taken it upon themselves to commit daily and gleefully while cheering on pregnant women having the shit kicked out of them that hard they have miscarriages.

his life is not going to end naturally. whether its tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, that cunt is going to be executed if he doesnt get jailed.

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The Jews stripped away our rules, our customs, our moral code, our beliefs, over a period of many decades, by controlling our media.

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never do anything goyim

Kill yourself.

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What are you doing, pussy?