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You replace the front sprocket not the rear sprocket if you want to change the ratio

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You are correct. Huge front sprocket = really easy to pedal. Easiest solution for a wally fag is get a new bike with a huge seat. Big seats are also super comfy.

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Huge front sprocket = very hard to pedal.

[–] Chimpfighter ago 

In some gyms you can " pedal " while reclining

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try riding it into a busy traffic intersection, see if that helps.

[–] Monday685 [S] ago 

I don't need motivation; I need lower gearing.

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gears are so yesterday

put an electric motor on it, better still a gas turbine, or maybe a steam engine. Peronally I use a tandem and she pedals

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Would guess you have a single speed. But here's the number of teeth on a standard rear cassette:


The difference in teeth changes slightly as it gets larger for the same effect. So if you want to go up 2 'gear changes' higher, count current teeth and add accordingly.

Single speed sprockets usually range between 12 and 18. But might be able to find a BMX 24. As already suggested if you can't get one big enough, try a smaller front chain ring.

Say you have 44 front 18 rear now. To go to 44/22 equivarlent using the front you would go 36/18, these are both the same ratio. Most bikes you can just put a new ring on the front, but it must be same number of bolts (obviously) and same bolt distances, they vary and are measured as BCD (bolt circle diameter). Or you may need to get a whole new chainset. Which will need special tools, and need to be the right fitting for the spindle, so best ask a bike shop.

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Take it to a LBS. They can help you out and probably need the business.

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Fuck the gears, get a penny farthing

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First count the teeth on your rear sprocket. Then look up a standard 7 speed sprocket and match what you have and go up two gears and count the teeth on that gear.

Bigger sprockets in the rear are lower gears so you will be adding teeth. You will likely need to lengthen the chain, which probably means buying a new one and a chain breaker.

Lastly refer to @Negrudumbaz comment on where to ride.

[–] all41 ago 

stick to the flatlands

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