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If you think that events have their own life and want to be public you are wrong. Journalists want their scoops to be public and have long legs, because that's where the money comes from. The editor-in-chief decides what is a scoop and what is not, and the question is more or less always political, with eyes glued to what the competition is doing with a certain scoop. You become editor-in-chief by being a good boy for years and DEMONSTRABLY develop an instinct for what is fit to print over and over again and what is not and how much competitors will report it.

The recent beheading is a good example. If you are a French tabloid, you can sell a lot of issues to the sentimental and upset masses, so there are all those dollars. On the other hand, advertisers, i.e. the powers that be, cannot have that, and a good boy editor knows that, so he has to balance fear and greed. The editor-in-chief has been groomed and mentored for knowing how much focus to put on a story like that for how long and how to frame the narrative to appeal to the voyeurism of the audience while saving the government's and islam's face. What's crucial here is some reliance on similiar behavior in competing news-desks. This is achieved by making an example of every whippersnapper and letting the other editors know about it (ad sales). It is a tradition, a culture and a mindset. Afaik, no one has ever learned that from books, because there aren't any.

All that is much easier for non-violent and unsexy fuckups like corruption or collusion, because not many people give a single shit or have forgotten all of it by the next day, unless prodded again in the course of a demolition campaign, for example.

In other words: you CAN report inconvenient truths for making sure that you are not the only rag that does not cover the scoop, but woe is you if you frame it aggressively against your advertisers (includes politicians and government institutions) or too prominently.

And there ARE things you will never read or see in the news although many journalists know them. That video leaked by wikileaks in 2009 had been circulating among various major newspapers since 2007 without anyone reporting on it. That was probably not a conspiracy; journalists did not meet to take a secret oath or anything like that. No communication necessary -- each and every editor-in-chief knew what NOT to do.

What you cannot do is redpill normies on subjects that are not events, but stuff that is ongoing and could benefit from reform. War in east-timor, for example, or fractional reserve banking. Or Harvey Weinstein's casting couch.

Journos love to flock together for drinking and telling each other the stories they won't ever be able to report. It is something like therapy for them. Journos earn their prestige among peers by knowing stuff the others don't know and sharing it. Telling a journalist something off-records does not mean that he won't reveal your secrets to other journalists.

If you are interested in the matter, you can drink with journalists to find out more. Such circles are not secret societies, everybody is welcome in the encounter group, but don't blog about it.

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This was very informational and interesting. And it's logically consistent with the way I see the world.

I think there IS a large conspiracy. But the members are likely so few and far between that we might not recognize more than a handful of names. Most people simply find a place in societies pyramid that provides them with the physical comforts they desire and then do what is needed to stay at that level. This is done by reading the "unwritten rules". The unwritten rules are basically don't attack people above you in the pyramid. And keep the people below you... below you.

Thanks for sharing. I'd happily drink with journalists if there were any around me.

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The unwritten rules are basically don't attack people above you in the pyramid. And keep the people below you... below you.

You are right and probably you are pointing out a central component of the "iron rule of oligarchy".

I'd happily drink with journalists if there were any around me.

Journalists used to be very accessible. You could just call them on the phone. Another route was to attend to press conferences. Today journalists are just clicking F5 on twitter all day, so it is probably hard to get a foot in the door without being a journalist oneself.

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the real problem is Wilful Ignorance. the masses / normies are utterly infected with it

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True, most people don't care what companies like Google or Microsoft are doing with their data

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Truth has been suppressed for thousands of years. It always escapes.

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I know. This is the gut feeling I have too.

But I just can't see a clear path to how.

Do you?

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To live is to struggle.

You can still print paper. You want visibility? Go flyering.

Inefficient? Maybe. But it bypasses digital restrictions.

There's a list online of printers that don't have the yellow tracking dots, I can dig it up.

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Of course.

I am the way, the truth, and the life...

Human beings are not actually in charge here.

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This is why the Jews have worked so hard to take complete control of our media. It does two things -- it protects them, but making it impossible for anyone to criticize in a public way their crimes; it also gives them a weapon with which they can mold and distort the collective consciousness of Christians. We never should have allowed Jews to buy up our media. It was suicidal. I'm talking here about a particular class of Jews, the educated, atheistical Ashkenazi Jews, most of whom are socialists or communists, and all of whom hate white Christians.

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Wypipo. You're welcome.

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It doesn’t. Why would it ever get out?

I’m not hopeless

Then you don’t know anything.

What do you think is going to happen

The genocide continues unabated. Private gun ownership disappears sometime in the early 2030s. The new law is rarely, if ever, enforced in the case of blacks and hispanics. It’s not like anyone was going to use them, anyway. Without the threat of guns, the first amendment is repealed. Hate speech becomes a crime punishable by death. Hate speech is anything a white person says about any other race.

In 2045, the states of the former Mexican Cession “vote” to leave the US to rejoin Mexico and the transsexual nigger bitch president lets them go and gives them Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana as “reparations.” Any remaining white people who complain are put in jail or executed, their children handed over to CPS to be raped and brainwashed. As adults, they will be media personalities who are on TV 24/7, calling for whites to give up all personal possessions to nonwhites. Any white people left in the new Mexican states are outright exterminated, their children raped to death by mulattos and mestizos.

By 2100, the North American Union is uniformly as racially mixed as Brazil of today. Talks begin to merge the European Union (which now includes the entire continent–having reclaimed the UK) and the North American Union. The African Union, having made it illegal to be white on the continent of Africa, begins talks to open the borders of the NAU and EU to its citizens.

September 29, 2239 AD. Year 6000 of the jewish calendar begins. The state of Israel encompasses the Middle East and now houses all but a handful of the jews on Earth, because the factories around the world need to be managed on-site since there isn’t anyone else left intelligent enough to do so. The Earth is otherwise a single communist nation, homogenous in genetics and culture, ruled over by the United Nations from Jerusalem. The practice of Christianity is illegal the world over. Fewer than 100,000 white people are left alive, scattered around the world in enclaves too small to draw notice but not large enough to protect their genetic diversity. Jews don’t bother hunting them down; they prefer to watch with amusement as the defects caused from inbreeding render ever more of the remaining whites infertile.

As night falls on the Global City of Jerusalem on September 29, 2239, a single trumpet sounds from the sky…

This is the future of humanity. No one will ever do anything. Nothing is going to happen. Whites are already extinct. No one rose up in 1913; they’re not going to rise up now.

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It'd be a shame if cataclysmic nuclear detonations took place the world over.

A real shame.

Such a shame I wouldn't even feel the heat, just see the flash.

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Too long;Did not read

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Imagine being such a defeatist you write fan fiction about it.

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Imagine being such a coward that you can’t accept fact that hurts your feelings. How about you prove me wrong, dipshit? If you can’t prove me wrong, don’t bother replying. No one wants to see your autistic Mary Sue bullshit.

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I've known very, very few people in my life who I would label as being fundamentally useless.

But you are, without a doubt, at the top of that list.

(And thanks for proving me right every waking moment of your life)

Do you masturbate to that dream?

Prove me wrong.

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Reminds me of the final scene from lawn mower man movie


Powerful stuff for 1992.

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