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I know a guy who gave his apple laptop to a computer guy who volunteered for repair. He knew the computer guy from politics. The computer guy discovered the porn stash on the disk and posted excerpts in the politics forum, to the dismay of the owner of the computer.

I knew a young female who wrote erotic journal during paid hours on a networked dedicated text-processor (wang) which became a big hit among colleagues and executives without her knowledge at first.

I knew a layouter + network admin who needed an illustration for a (mildly) raunchy article involving prostitutes. The article had been written by the editor-in-chief. The layouter found a tasteful image for cropping a dominatrix-portrait in the porn-stash of his boss. The layouter was fired and allegedly did not know why, and his boss did not know that anyone else had access to his computer over the network.

There are people who are not aware of radiating compromising data, and that does not change apparently.

That the story told by Hunter's computer nerd has changed from one iteration to the next is not unusual. In fact, police interrogators get suspicious when witnesses or perpetrators have no modifications in their re-iterations. That is a red flag that means that the story very likely has been memorized.

Don't underestimate the screwups resulting from weeks-long benders. Even with relatively unintrusive stuff like weed you enter a timeless bubble and emerge like rip van winkle after finishing the stash. I once missed a deadline for tax paperwork over an ounce of weed while being fully aware that it would cost me thousands of dollars.

I know many people who periodically went on weeks-long benders drinking, more or less knowing that they would get fired, divorced, disenfranchised, flunked, fined, etc.

In other words: I for one have absolutely no reason to believe that the computer guy's story is bogus. That does not mean it can't be made up or part of a psy-op.

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Underestimating people's ability to be stupid is a big mistake but the question is who took the pics and how did the picks end up on the HDD? My guess China is involved.

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Hey that’s the liberals train of thought but blames Russia.

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They can blame whomever they want but it all boils down to HB and JB woke the wrong dog.

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Remember when Hunter left his cack pipe and stash along with credit cards, a driver's license, a Delaware attorney general badge, a cellphone, and a U.S. Secret Service business card in a returned rental car in Arizona?

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Probably one of his crack head associates or even random chick that stole said laptop and then pawned it for coke money. Then again, with all the alleged millions of dollars, one would think he'd have slightly higher clientele and associates.

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A tweeker will cluck a laptop in a heartbeat for another hit. In one of the emails he's asking for $150.

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There are a couple of things that puzzle me about this affair.

One: Is Hunter Biden really stupid enough to take a laptop to a computer shop when it has incriminating emails on it? And then forget to pick it back up? Does that even make sense?

Two: Why does the laptop have unflattering, incriminating pictures of Hunter on it? Who keeps ugly pictures of himself on his computer, especially when they can be used to defame his character or implicate him in criminal activity?

These things just seem very odd to me.

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I agree but at the same time people do really stupid shit all the time and he is a crack head. Hard to know what to believe.

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Have you never met a crackhead before???

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Parallel construction.

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They probably knew what was on the laptop a long time BEFORE he gave it in at the repair shop. Then, when he was scheduled to pick it up, there was probably a police car in the driveway (intentionally). He doesn't pick it up, because he is afraid he will be arrested, so he 'forgets' about it.

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Some people do stupid shit. I remember way back when Paris Hilton was the 'in thing' someone bought a storage locker at auction that Paris (or her manager) forgot about and stopped paying rent. Inside were a couple of Paris' old phones that had her nudes and sex video on them.

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