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They are pining for their lost foreskins. They cover their heads because there is nothing to cover their dicks.

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But many of them consider circumcision healthy.

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Bad taste.

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Don't taste them!!

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The tefillin is definitely a symbol of something...


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Black cube- homage to Saturn - same for Muslims who circle around a huge black cube. Satanic in origin.

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The cube represents materialism, the physical world, the body. That's all Jews really care about. There is nothing spiritual in Judaism. Jews worship wealth, land ownership, children and bloodlines, their own physical health, their physical senses. They don't even have a real heaven or hell. Their Messiah is a living, mortal man who is going to make a kingdom for them here, on the Earth.

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covers the bald spot

also they are deranged satanist with no dress sense

[–] Goat7 [S] ago 

Why do jews want to hide the bald spot but gentiles (apparently) don't care as much?