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I am not a veterinarian. i got tired of the scare and fear that the local vets use to sell their heart worm medicine. They demand a yearly $65 test for heart worm and then the pills are $8 to $10 per pill per dog per month. I have two dogs. That is about $150 per dog per year or $300 for both my dogs.

No vet has ever answered the question: How many dogs do you see a year and how many have heart worm? I live in the desert of Nevada. Dogs traveling or moving from California could infect my dogs so that is the major reason I treat my dogs. I have been using liquid .05% Ivermectin from and the dogs get treated on the first of every month. I have been using this for over 5 years now. One bottle costs $25 and lasts about a year; that is for both dogs at 1 ml per dose. That is a lot cheaper than $300 for the vet.

Also many farm supply houses sell the Ivermectin for animal use but i do not know if they require a prescription.