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Heartworms are real.

If your dog's not too badly infected, you can cure him/her by putting cigarette tobacco in a wad of burger, and feed it to him/her. The parasites will abandon the host. Your dog will be lethargic for a day or so, and you will see a bunch of worms the next time you pick up the shit.

(If your dog is too badly infected, he/she will die from it anyway.)

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All i know is its a real thing. Took my buddy. :(

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I'm sorry for your loss. My best friend got heart disease from having treated heartworms when she was a puppy. I've had a dog shaped hole in my heart for years now.

I've never seen a heartworm but I take them VERY seriously.

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The coughs will haunt you. Terrible coughs.

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The threat is real but exaggerated to sell excessive quantities of overpriced preventatives. Treating every other month is more than sufficient and you can do it for pennies by dosing with bulk supply ivermectin. If you can't handle figuring out how to do that on your own, then you should definitely should pay the dummy tax and go with the vet recommendation.

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Does your Vet price match? After years of getting ripped off for dog meds we found them online for way cheaper. Just showed the ad on our phone to the cashier and that was what we paid them.

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Yeah, heartworms are real. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes.

Our American foxhound rescue had it... and I shopped around vets in order to give us an Rx for broad spectrum treatment product in lieu of what was most commonly stocked and agreed to test him every 6 months. (Sorry the dog now is 16 and he was 1 year at time of diagnosis so I don't remember the product name - but it is important to be a broad spectrum product) He tested negative at a year and a half.

added in edit... forgot to say hope your dog recovers.

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dog has been on triflexis stuff it is just crazy expensive.. was looking for an alternative

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I often wonder where domesticated dogs would fit in to the wild kingdom if humans just disappeared . Would wild packs of poodles team up? A hundred chihuahuas running the streets? I think most of the former pets would die off quickly in favor of less attractive, more sturdy breeds. I think the mutts would rule. The pound puppies would make it.

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i think mixed packs would emerge.

I wonder how a human with lets say a bear would do in africa a region where the bear could handle the tempratures? wouls the human and domesticated bear be able to survive lion prides hyenas etc?

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I am not a veterinarian. i got tired of the scare and fear that the local vets use to sell their heart worm medicine. They demand a yearly $65 test for heart worm and then the pills are $8 to $10 per pill per dog per month. I have two dogs. That is about $150 per dog per year or $300 for both my dogs.

No vet has ever answered the question: How many dogs do you see a year and how many have heart worm? I live in the desert of Nevada. Dogs traveling or moving from California could infect my dogs so that is the major reason I treat my dogs. I have been using liquid .05% Ivermectin from http://heartwormprevention.com/ and the dogs get treated on the first of every month. I have been using this for over 5 years now. One bottle costs $25 and lasts about a year; that is for both dogs at 1 ml per dose. That is a lot cheaper than $300 for the vet.

Also many farm supply houses sell the Ivermectin for animal use but i do not know if they require a prescription.

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It's a very real thing.

Like rabies is a real thing.

Do right for your pup and make sure they are protected.